About the company

Since more than two decades, Budapest Investment Private Company Limited by Shares has been a dominant player in the domestic strategic and tender management consulting services, receiver and liquidator market.

Our partners include domestic and foreign-owned companies with great tradition, emerging private companies, financial institutions, asset management organizations and municipalities.

The success of our services lies in our well-preparedness, the exact assumption of the situation, consistent program management and fair communication.

Our company is proud of holding unique references in the reorganization of enterprises and the development and implementation of growth programs.

In the framework of our programs, high-value companies with significant market shares were reorganised, set on a path of growth and stabilised, mainly in the fields of food industry and mechanical engineering.

The keys to our success in the cooperation with our partners are: comprehensive arrangement of the tasks, control of data provision, continuous company management services and daily project maintenance practices.

Budapest Investment Zrt. achieved outstanding results in the resolution of business conflicts and the solution financial crises.

Within the framework of this activity, we helped nearly a hundred enterprises to survive and stay on the market. Our programs preserved thousands of jobs and restored the creditworthiness of many companies.

The results of crisis management rest on the careful elaboration of bargain positions, an excellent negotiation strategy and a building concept based on cooperation.

Budapest Investment Zrt. has been actively contributing in performing professional tasks related to the termination of business entities without a legal successor from the beginning. It was among the first companies which were granted the qualification necessary for pursuing liquidation activities. Since 1992, it carried out the liquidation and dissolution of hundreds of business entities along with providing for the respective legal and economic tasks.

Based on our success to date, our Company is successful in solving the problems faced by companies in crisis by bankruptcy proceedings.

Budapest Investment Zrt.?s tender bid writing and project implementation support business branch also has several years of success behind it. It is proud of its several successful references in elaborating and compiling tenders related to public procurement procedures and the involvement of EU funds. It also takes part in the implementation of the awarded tenders, all the way to the settlement and closing of accounts.

Our company's expert colleagues have versatile education with high practical skills and experience. They are committed to teamwork, complex approach and fair professional solutions.

Our President & CEO is Pál Jendrolovics, who has 10 years of state administration and about two decades of consulting experience.

Budapest Investment Zrt.?s professional services cover the following fields of expertise:

Budapest Investment Zrt. is registered under No. 15 in the List of Liquidators published by the Ministry of Finance in the latest Financial Gazette on 25 July 2008.

During its liquidating activities, the company carried out the liquidation of several large companies that formerly had significant economic potential with preserving the viability of their business units that were suitable for continued operation. Special attention was paid to resolve employment conflicts and to find a trouble-free solution for any labour related issues in each case. During its several years of liquidation activity, Budapest Investment Zrt. was appointed in more than 2400 cases as liquidator by the courts. At present, its staff manages about 600 liquidations.

Budapest Investment Zrt. also successfully performed receiver, dissolver and asset administrator functions on the owners? commission. Several producer companies have elaborated their reorganisation programs and entered into successful settlements with the creditors under the supervision of our Company.

In the course of its dissolution activity, it conducted the necessary sales to the owners? satisfaction, managed the legal and other conflicts and ensured the smooth leaving of the market of the companies under dissolution with fully serving the owners? interests.

The company may act in course of debt settlement processes of municipalities as a financial administrator. This qualification was granted by the Ministry of Local Governments. Budapest Investment Zrt. was entered into the list of financial administrators in May 2009.